Bangladeshi feeder vessel MV HR Rhea set sail to Singapore with export goods from Chittagong


MV HR Rhea, the Bangladeshi flag bearer feeder vessel, has set sail for the first time on April 5 from the New Mooring Container Terminal (NCT) at Chittagong port at 4:15 pm with containers carrying export goods of 836 TEUs (twenty foot equivalent units). The destination is Singapore.

Recently, the MV HR Rhea was launched with MV HR Hera to ply the Singapore-Colombo-Kelang port by HR Lines, which is a subsidiary of the Karnaphuli Group that operates domestic flag bearer ships in the international sea.

The vessel will start its journey from Chittagong port to Colombo on April 7.

Anis Ud Daula, executive director of HR Lines, stated that it left Chittagong Port for Singapore on April 5. It is scheduled to reach Singapore on 10 April.

He also stated that, MV HR Rhea and MV HR Hera will transport goods from Chittagong port to Singapore-Colombo-Kelang port Under the Chittagong-Colombo Express service.

He added, “Launched in June last year, our two previous ships ‘Sahare’ and ‘Sarera’ transports import and export goods containers from Chittagong port to Singapore port and Kelang port in Malaysia.”

Large container vessels cannot dock at the Chittagong port as there is no deep sea port in Bangladesh. Due to this, small ships have to be counted on to transport container goods on international routes. Popularly, these ships are known as feeder vessels.

All these containers carry goods from Chittagong port to the destination of various countries including Singapore, Malaysia and China with transit facilities.

At present, 22 foreign feeder operators transport goods on 84 container ships from Chittagong port to Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Chinese ports through transit routes. Karnaphuli Group is the only domestic company operating four feeder vessels carrying Bangladeshi flag.




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