Cabinet Committee gave nod to local production of Russian, Chinese vaccines


The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on 28th April, gave nod to a proposal for producing Russian and Chinese Covid-19 vaccines in Bangladesh.

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal chaired the virtual meeting where the proposal was placed by the Health Ministry on an emergency basis.

The cabinet committee sanctioned the proposal within a day of the government’s move to produce Covid-19 vaccines from Russian and China after India imposed a ban on the export of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine by Serum Institute to Bangladesh.

However, the finance minister said though Bangladesh approved Russian and Chinese vaccines’ local production, it will continue its drive to have vaccine doses from India.

Dr Shahida Aktar, additional secretary of the Cabinet Division stated, “The cabinet body has approved in principle the Health Ministry’s proposal to facilitate the production of Russian and Chinese vaccines.”

She noted that the government will purchase vaccine technology from Russian and China through direct procurement method (DPM) which means the Health Ministry will not require to follow any competitive bidding princess.

Dr Shahida Aktar said Russia’s Sputnik-V and China’s Sinopharm will be produced in Bangladesh using the facilities and logistics of different private pharmaceutical companies.

“No name of any specific companies was discussed at the meeting. But it was agreed in principle that the Russian and Chinese authorities will examine facilities and then things will be settled about who will produce the vaccines,” she added.




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