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Strawberry production becoming more popular in the northern region

Industry: Agriculture & Livestock, Agro

Commercial strawberry growing is gaining popularity in the northern region, especially the large Barind tract, due to its economic prospects.

According to local reports, farming of the high-value cash crop has grown on two hectares of land in the Rajshahi district this year compared to the previous year. This year, the fruit was grown on 12.6 hectares in Rajshahi, 3 hectares in Naogaon, 0.6 hectares in Natore, and 27 hectares in Chapainawabgan.

This year, 12.6 hectares of fruit were grown in Rajshahi, 3 hectares in Naogaon, 0.6 hectares in Natore, and 27 hectares in Chapainawabgan. Many people, particularly young people, have made a fortune from strawberry farming since it is more profitable than many other seasonal fruits and vegetables.


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The Business Post

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Pangas production steadily declining

March 18, 2023

Pangas, one of the most essential protein sources for the poor and marginalized, is progressively reducing on consumer plates, as seen by the species’ declining percentage of all fish production in Bangladesh.

According to data from the Department of Fisheries, pangas production in the country has decreased by 1.04 lakh tonnes during the last five years. In FY22, the species’ contribution to overall output fell to 10.02 percent or 4.06 lakh tonnes, down from 14.59 percent or 5.10 lakh tonnes in FY17.

Pangas contributed 12.52 percent of total fish production in FY18, 12.31 percent in FY19, 10.57 percent in FY20, and 10.21 percent in FY21. In FY22, total inland fish production was 40.53 lakh tonnes, accounting for more than 85 percent of total fish production including marine catch. In the same year, Bangladesh produced 47.59 lakh tonnes of fish, including marine species.


Source for more details:

The Business Post


Shrimp production increased by 3.65%

March 14, 2023

Despite virus attacks in small farms, prawn production increased by 3.65% year on year in FY22, mainly to high yields in large farms and the deployment of technology.

According to fisheries department figures, over 2.61 lakh tonnes of shrimp were caught and cultured in FY22, up from roughly 2.52 lakh tonnes the previous fiscal year. In FY22, farms contributed 1.37 lakh tonnes, marine capture contributed 47,606 tonnes, and other sources contributed 76,527 tonnes.

According to the district fisheries office in Khulna, farmers produced 23,162 tonnes of prawn on 52,014 hectares of land in FY22, including 11,224 tonnes of Bagda on 32,998 hectares. Bagda production in FY21 was 11,317 tonnes, and the district comprises 20,430 farms.


Source for more details:

The Business Post


Cage fish farming is a blessing for people in the north

March 9, 2023

Cage fish farming has excellent prospects since it can produce 10,000 tonnes of extra fish each year in Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj districts, with a market value of almost Tk 150 crore.

Commercial fish farming has huge potential in the river and other open water bodies, which can supplement the government’s attempt to increase fish output in the region to meet its nutritional needs.

There is a possibility of commissioning 700 to 1,000 units in the Padma and Mohananda rivers, from which an additional 7,000 to 10,000 tonnes of fish worth Tk 100 to 150 crore might be caught each year.


Source for more details:

The Business Post

Watermelons available in the capital at the twice price

March 7, 2023

Watermelon, a luscious summer fruit, begins to arrive at various marketplaces throughout the capital city. Although the price of watermelon grown in advance is low at the farmer level, it costs twice as much at the retail level.

Farmers and traders say there are still 15-20 days until the main watermelon season begins when supply will increase and prices will fall. A large watermelon weighing 8-15 kg costs Tk 60-65 per kg, while it costs Tk 30-32 per kg at the farmers’ level in the country’s southern region.

Farmers claim that the current price is slightly higher because it is an early variety of watermelon. The price of large watermelons would progressively fall to Tk 15-20 per kg.


Source for more details:

The Business Post


Agri loan defaulters decreased in the first 7 months of FY23

March 7, 2023

In the first seven months of this fiscal year, the number of agricultural loan defaulters has been declining. Despite loan disbursements, defaults declined from 8.15% in FY22 to 7.63% in the first seven months of the current fiscal year (July-January).

According to an analysis of the most recent public data from Bangladesh Banks, the overall loan recovery position of agricultural credit during this period was Tk18,445 crore in July-January 2023, which is 19.27% more than the recovery in the same period of FY22.

The central bank prioritized the issuance of agricultural loans at a 4% concessional interest rate on May 22, 2022, for cultivating import substitute crops such as pulses, oilseeds, spices, and maize. The agriculture sector directly employs up to 40.6% of the country’s workforce.


Source for more details:

Dhaka Tribune

Tk500 crores worth bumper production of Haribhanga mango

March 7, 2023

Rangpur farmers expect a bumper production of Haribhanga mango, a fibreless, fleshy, and delicious local variety, this year in the Rangpur agriculture region.

Under favorable weather circumstances, officials from the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE ) at its regional office estimate a super bumper mango output worth about Tk500cr. Mango growers are already busy caring for the plants and trees in their orchards in order to achieve the target of bumper yield.

According to the DAE, the Farmers have cultivated the mango on 3,215 hectares of land in all five districts of the region, with a production target of 20-22 tonnes per hectare, including on 1,887 hectares of land in Rangpur alone while it was 2,500 hectares last year.



Source for more details:

The Business Post


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