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Our Market Entry and Growth Advisory serves the foreign companies from US, Europe, Asia who aspire to grow in emerging market like Bangladesh but lack visibility into the prevailing market conditions, competitors and distribution networks associated with these opportunities.

Our Services includes:

  • Setting Up Your Business: We will incorporate the appropriate structure.
  • License Application: We analyze your business type and help you put a regulated business plan together with your license application. We check all relevant documentation prior to the submission of your license Application.
  • Location study: Location study is a comprehensive analysis of a potential site for a business, evaluating factors such as market conditions, infrastructure, labor force, and competition. Bizdata Insights provides expert location study services to help companies make informed decisions about where to establish their operations.
  • Entry Strategy: Bizdata Insights offers expert guidance and support in developing an effective entry strategy for companies entering new markets or launching new products.
  • Policy and procedure: We ensure that your policies and procedures are adequately set up to complement your business strategy.
  • Risk Management & Corporate Governance: We set up your Risk Management Framework & Compliance Monitoring Plan to ensure that the implemented policies and procedures are executed.
  • Ongoing Compliance: We manage your compliance function to ensure ongoing monitoring and support in accordance to specified guidelines & industry requirements.
  • Internal Audit: We carry out audits based on your particular requirements, whether this may be in preparation for a Regulator-visit, or to formally review and assess the processes in your firm, amongst others.
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