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Market Research, Entry, and Growth Advisory

Our Market Research, Entry and Growth Advisory serves the foreign companies from US, Europe, Asia who aspire to grow in emerging market like Bangladesh but lack visibility into the prevailing market conditions, competitors and distribution networks associated with these opportunities.

Our Services includes:

  • Market Entry and Expansion Strategy: Develop the market entry strategies considering factors which define a new or adjacent market, like prevailing price points, product and brand portfolio in the market, sales and distribution dynamics, customer segmentation, etc.
  • Market Prioritization: Prioritize untapped market opportunities for growth considering factors like size, growth, level of competition, pricing etc.
  • Market Assessment: Assess new market opportunities in terms of their risks and opportunities.
  • Competitor Analysis & Benchmarking: Analyze existing competitors and other players (with similar business models but perhaps selling different products and services), in order to benchmark performance, stimulate new thinking, identify pivots, and set expectations regarding return on new initiatives and investments.
  • Route-to-Market (RTM) Strategy: Develop effective RTM strategies which take into consideration volume and velocity of products sold at different points of sale, prevailing distribution channels in the market, role of different channel entities (e.g., distributors, sub-distributors, dealers, wholesalers, jobbers, etc.), economics and pricing along distribution channel, services provided, etc.
  • Channel or Business Partnership Identification: Identify, prioritize and profile the best potential partners for distribution, contract manufacturing and/or co-packing, as well as facilitate initial conversations to begin negotiations.
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